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Nicole Waller, Nurse, Kernersville

I have visited Envisions 24 times in the last 6 months.  My overall feeling about Envisions is remarkable!  I do not have to wear the same hairstyle all the time. I like that experimental aspect of my experience.  EHS’s flexibilty and the fact that I’m treated as a friend and not just a client are some of the best benefits offered at the salon! Lynn Stevenson, Delivery Coordinator, Winston-Salem I have visited Envisions every week except when I’ve been on vacation.  My overall feelings about Envisions is that it is an excellent, comfortable, friendly, and fun hair studio.  Overall, I'm happy with my transition from a curl, to a relaxed, to a natural hairstyle.  Also they are there when I have needed a shoulder to lean on.  Expertise, pure humor, relaxation have been some of the best benefits that I have received from EHS! Atiya McNeal, Pharmacist and Business Owner, Winston-Salem I’m a recurring client to EHS.  Overall I love it! I would recommend EHS to everyone in need of a great stylist. When I decided to go natural, LaToya was able to make my hairstyle transition nice and smooth.  She has made it easy for me to maintain my natural styles.  I get many, many, many compliments about her work.  Some of the best benefits that I have received from Envisions is their consistency and no long wait times. I love the friendy and warm environment and the flexibility when issues arise with my schedule. Kristin Battle, Pre-K Assistant, Kernersville Over the past 6 months I have visitied Envisions 8-12 times. In all I love Envisions. I loved receiving my color and various styles.  I'm always happy with my results.  Her quality and the love Toya provides to her clients are some of the top notch aspects that she offers as a small business owner. Freddie Dennis, Pharmacist, Kernersville I have come to Envision weekly for the past 6 months. Overall I love it here at Envisions. I remember my first appointment because I was shocked to fine a black hair studio in Kernersville.  I walked in and felt like she had been doing my hair for years. I felt comfortable and knew that she was not going to mess up my hair.  By the end of the appointment I was ready to commit to visiting her studio on a weekly basis.  I have always felt welcomed at EHS. Kechia McIntyre, Operations Manager, Kernersville I have visited on Envisions a weekly basis.  My overall experience at EHS has been wonderful and I love it!  I was very happy with my first appointment and ever since then it has been just great!  The haircut that I received from LaToya has saved me loads of time in getting ready for whatever activity I go to.  I do not have to curl it all the time since she stylishly cut my hair.  I love the cut and it looks FABULOUS!!!! Kathy Mahabir, Nurse, Oak Ridge In the past 6 months I have visited the salon 12 times. Envisions is superb, excellent, and provides the highest quality hair care!  I’m happy that Toya understands my hair needs.  I’m a very simple person and I appreciate that she provides me with simple and direct instructions for maintaining my haircut.  LaToya has provided me with excellent hair care treatment and styles. Frankie Williams-Howell, Sales and Leasing Consultant, Kernersville In the past 6 months I have visited the salon 12 times.  LaToya provides a warm and fuzzy environment for her clients.  I’m happy with the lock twists I received from her.  She is a true professional who knows my hair care needs.  I love the coffee and relaxed atmosphere provided at the studio.  The mood is always fun/upbeat and I look good when I leave EHS. It keeps me coming back again and again. Tonya Wilkins, Nurse, High Point I have visited 3-4 times in the past 6 months. Overall the business has a clean and friendly atmosphere. I love the fact that Toya is wecloming and friendly.  She treats you like her family.  I love the fact that I have healthy hair since going to EHS.  LaToya offers flexible scheduling and will get your hair care needs done quickly.